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80% of the internet is video.

It's the Age of the Influencer Partnership



nike_PNG5.png influencer, in less than 24 seconds creates unique Nike content and shares to socials.

All, inside your app.


Unlock limitless brand partnership for your fans.

A new toolset to increase video distribution for your brand.


Distribution to every Social Channel and OTT service in-app.

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Video Flood

Build buzz and increase engagement amongst influencers and new customers in your existing mobile and web environments.


The New Influencer Campaign


Hour Band released a Spotify Channel and created over 30 videos in 15 minutes to share to our social networks.  This could be executed with any music creator or influencer. 

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Playlist and partnership social accounts, and every video on this page and website was created using the app.

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Your media doesn't stop.

Why should you?


Offer unique content opportunities that are weighted on social platform algorithm to increase engagement.

Distribute fan created content with

newsticker, layovers, and custom graphics.

24/7 Live Demo

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